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The China Regression David A. Berger

The China Regression

David A. Berger

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 About the Book 

A rumor that the Chinese Military is researching out-of-body experiences circulates the Internet. The lab, supposedly located in a remote part of Cambodia, is looking for patients to test the drugs. The ability to revisit your past in real time is said to be a side effect. Thrill seekers and retirees flock to the area to relive their fondest memories once more before dying. Is there really life after death? Where does the soul go after the body dies?The twin sons of millionaire industrialist Jonathan Brandt III pick up the trail while attending a hedonistic full moon party in Thailand. Their quest to understand their fathers lack of lack of love takes them across the rural Cambodian countryside. Along the way, they encounter drug dealers, party revelers, renegade loggers and a woman who will do anything to get away from the mean streets of Phnom Penh.This novel contains graphic adult situations.